In Store Stock

Save time and avoid disappointment by checking stock availability in store!

We offer a Stock Availability feature on our website where you can find out if an item is currently available in your local store. You can Check In-Store Availability by selecting your local store to see if an item is In Stock.

If it is green: Stock is available in this store.

If it is red: Stock is not available

Please note, not all stock is available for Click & Collect, Home Delivery or Pre Order.

We work hard to provide the best service and ensure our systems display 100% up-to-date information. However, in some exceptional circumstances, the system may show stock as available that may no longer be available when you arrive at the store. On popular items and at peak times, use our Click + Collect or Pre-Order Services to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

GameStop cannot be held responsible for any loss or cost arising where an item is unavailable.

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